-196 Vodka Seltzer 

Inspired by Suntory's #1 best selling seltzer in Japan. Now created for the US. 

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Premium Vodka. Whole Fruit Flavor. Refreshing Taste.

-196, pronounced “Minus One Nine Six”, is a vodka seltzer that gets its name from the technology used to extract flavor from whole fruit.

It starts with real, whole lemons that are frozen at -196 degrees Celsius, or -320 degrees Fahrenheit, using a proprietary Japanese process to lock in whole fruit flavor, then infused with premium vodka to bring forward a bold, fruit-forward flavor & aroma.

* Strong Zero No. 1 Premix Brand in Japan, 2021 Sales Volume, IWSR

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How It’s Made

-196 Vodka seltzer uses Suntory’s unique Freeze Crush Infusion technology that freezes and crushes real whole fruit to capture every bit of fruit flavors.